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Zoho values people. Our core principle is to make our people happy and flourishing. How do we do that?


By providing opportunity:
We hire people for their talent, not the schools they attended and the degree they hold. Our workplace values the potential in people and provides them with opportunities to experiment and make decisions. In Zoho, you can definitely discover and develop new skills and grow professionally.


By providing a happier and flourishing workspace:
Apart from understanding the factors that cause our employees to leave the company, we also take efforts to understand what kind of workplace can make our employees more than satisfied. Our principle lies in building and enhancing a workplace that makes our employees happy and motivated to turn up to work every day. And that’s why most employees stay with us for a long time.


By building an appreciation system that doesn’t include just monetary terms:
Our appraisal system is not just built based on the quantitative numbers, KPIs and targets. Efforts taken by our employees, their passion, and perseverance are also some of the major factors on which our appreciation system is built.


If you’re passionate in what you do and looking for the right platform to showcase your talent, then Zoho is the right place for you.


Make your dreams come true with Zoho.

代表取締役社長:Manikandan Thangaraj

ZOHO Japan Corporation
Representative Director:Manikandan Thangaraj