Manikandan Thangaraj


当社には最高の従業員がいるので、私たちは自身の仕事に対して最高のパフォーマンスを出すことが出来ます。ハードワークとイノベーションを組み合わせると、特別な場所にたどり着きます。 Zohoは、献身的で情熱的、そして勤勉で熱心な従業員のおかげでこのレベルに達しました。革新的な製品、卓越した顧客サービス、そして継続的に進化する能力はすべて、私たちの家族である従業員のおかげです。彼らの忍耐力、誠実さ、ライフワークとしての製品への取り組みは、Zohoの成功の秘訣です。 Zohoの心臓であり魂でもある従業員に感謝します。





Here we are, at 20 years, a major milestone. It has been an incredible journey and we wouldn’t have made it this far without our employees, customers, and partners.

We are the best at what we do because we have the best employees. When we combine hard work with innovation, we arrive at some place special. Zoho has reached this level because of our dedicated, passionate, hard-working and committed employees. The innovative products, the exceptional customer service, and the ability to continuously evolve were all because of our employees, who are our family. Their perseverance, integrity, and the way they make our products as their life’s work are the secret behind Zoho’s success. I thank our employees for being the heart and soul of Zoho.

Reliability and trust are hard to come by. I want to extend our gratitude to our customers who always counted on us. I sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence they have in us. The continuous innovation we bring in our products wouldn’t have been possible without their feedbacks. They are playing a pivotal role in our sustainable growth. We take pride in their continued patronage.

I thank our partners for believing in us and holding on to us when we try out something new in the market. We promise to always provide them with an excellent service they desire, and we hope our relationship will turn out to be just like the one we’ve enjoyed these many years.

Today, Zoho is happy to be one of the identities of Kawane, Japan. This was completely possible because of the kind support, generosity, and hospitality rendered by the local people and government of Kawane. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to them.